Go From Hobbyist to Pro: Master 3D Modeling with my Easy-to-Follow System.

Learn the skills to land your dream job and become the great 3d artist you were meant to be.

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ūüĎČStart Your Journey to Becoming a Great 3D Artist

The Hard Truth about Hard Surface Modeling

(no pun intended)

Tried to learn 3d modeling and still feel stuck? It's probably not your fault.

The YouTube Rabbit Hole

Learning through YouTube can be a slow and painful process. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of valuable tutorials out there, but the sheer quantity of content that's available, along with the wide range in quality of tutorials, usually means you have to spend hours searching online just to find a couple of minutes worth of valuable information.


Expensive Art Schools

Schools can offer a great education and quickly help you learn the skills you need. However, most 3d art schools come with a large price tag that many students can't afford. Those who can are often left with large student loan debt, often forcing graduates to get jobs they hate just to pay these loans back.


Other Online Courses

Many online courses, though taught by seasoned industry professionals, fall victim to the 'curse of knowledge.' Instructors frequently struggle to simplify complex concepts for beginners. Additionally, excessive time-lapsed segments and a lack of structured learning and practice exercises make these courses challenging for newcomers to follow and learn effectively.


The Solution...


College level curriculum and results at a fraction of the cost. 

Mastering Hard Surface Modeling in Maya


Single Payment


¬†‚úĒÔłŹ¬†43 Video Lessons:¬†21 hours of organized training videos teaching¬†how to¬†3d model like a PRO.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Lifetime Access:¬†Never lose¬†access to your courses.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Free Video Updates:¬†You won't get stuck with outdated courses.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Discord Group Access:¬†Never¬†feel alone on your 3d journey again. Get feedback &¬†answers from our 3d community.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Discounts:¬†Save big with exclusive members-only discounts.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Templates, Shortcuts, & More:¬†Grow faster with these downloads.




Jonathon Valle

Lead Multimedia Artist | NYU

"It's hard to express how much you helped me and how much I learned.  It was the right time for me to push my career to the next level. It's happening, I'm living that right now, which is awesome. I got a new promotion and that led to an award at work. And things are going really well!"

Simone Porchedda

3D Artist | MPC

"When I enrolled in 3D Beast Academy, it was good for me to memorize a clean workflow, a clean approach to complex shapes, how to break them down. It was a nice and clean way to approach 3d modeling that was easy to understand."

Rich Hensman

3D Artist | Next

"I feel like since joining the Academy I clearly developed and progressed as a 3D artist, thanks to those skills, I've been able to change jobs recently and started a new role working on CGI homeware work for Next a FTSE 100 company in the UK and one of the biggest fashion retailers.“


Private Community

You're never alone as a member of 3D Beast Academy with access to our Discord Group.

Big Student Discounts

8% off FlexiSpot Standing Desks

50% off Malcolm 341 Mega Pack

30% off CG Hacks assets

Maya Shortcuts

3x the speed of your Maya workflow. These shortcuts helped to create my best 3D models; imagine what you'll create with them.

Free Downloads

Quickly level up your presentations with my Photoshop Templates.

 Understand how pro 3d models are built with my Project Files. 

Free Video Updates

Never get stuck with outdated courses.  Videos include closed captions and are at normal speed with no time lapse so it's easy to follow along. 

Lifetime Acess

Never lose access to your courses or be asked to pay for extension fees with lifetime access.

Your Plan for Becoming a Professional 3D Artist

Join 3D Beast Academy

Simply click the orange enroll button on this page, which will take you to a secure checkout form. Complete your payment, and then you'll be prompted to create an account. Then you're ready to get started.

Watch Video Lessons

Dive into our extensive library of lessons, available immediately upon enrollment. Our easy-to-follow lessons are recorded and played back in real-time speed with no time lapses. No skipped steps, no confusion.

Complete the Exercises

After each set of videos is followed by self-paced exercises, ideal for busy schedules. Post your completed exercises in our Discord community using the provided templates to receive valuable feedback and support from the community.

Become a PRO!

As you complete each exercise, you'll gain confidence and learn to create production-quality 3D models. By the program's end, you'll have several portfolio-worthy pieces, paving your way to your dream job.








Don't love the course? We offer full refunds within 30 days.  At a 98.5% satisfaction rating, we are confident you WILL love it!


Your Instructor & Mentor 

Like many artists, I spent years jumping around YouTube tutorials¬†and spent a small fortune on a 3d art degree‚ÄĒonly to make minimal progress towards a 3D art career.

Today, I'm a professional 3D artist with experience in film and video games. I've created educational content for companies like Autodesk and had my 3D software reviews published in PC Mag. 

Even though I accomplished most of my career goals, I always thought there must be a simpler, more cost-effective path to mastering the 3D skills to land your dream job working in the film or video games industry. 

I devoted myself to providing a better solution to help up-and-coming artists master 3d art and achieve their career goals.

And that's how 3D Beast Academy was born!

It's the ultimate online school for students looking to work in the video game and film industries, providing a college-level curriculum at a fraction of the cost.  

Much Love,

JL Mussi

Learn to make the 3d models that will get you hired

Creating production quality 3d models with great topology is the start of your journey as a great 3d artist. This program will teach you how professinal 3d models like in the instructor project gallery below.


Our best success stories come from students using other packages like Blender, Cinema 4d, and 3Ds Max!

Blender User Approved! 

Nick was frustrated with other Blender courses but found success with our unique approach. Discover how he dramatically improved his topology and crafted professional-level 3D models.





 Create Topology so clean it's safe to eat dinner of it.

Helen Zhu, at 70 years young, drastically improved her topology after going thru the course.


My simple step-by-step system will teach how create any complex hard surface model.

This course is brought to by 3D Beast